Conact Us

If you know of a family with a child in medical crisis, please contact one of our board members for nomiation information.

Board Members
Chuck Oppedal
Ciel Faulkner
(712) 262-9444
Dayna Schmidt, Treasurer
(712) 346-8983
Dennis Ladwig
Greg "Red" Birchard
Jerry Faulkner, Chairman
(712) 240-3664
Lindsay Perez, Co-Chair
Mike Harris
(712) 363-3367
Pat Nemmers
(712) 363-3196
Randy Swanson
Rhett Hiney
(712) 260-0588
Sharon Williamson-Henricksen
Shelly Higgins
Susie Brinkley
Troy Kiepe
(712) 346-7004