#012 Lewis Family - Algona -November 2008

Hi, my name is Will Michael. I was born on 4-23-07 at 4:05 am and weighed 7'11" and was 20 1/2 in long. Upon entering this new world, I had a bowel movement and got some of it in my lungs. This caused me to have some breathing problems and I was in the NICU in Des Moines for about 3 weeks. Due to the lack of oxygen at my birth, I suffered some brain damage that has caused me to have seizures that I take medication for. I also have been diagnosed with Cerabal Palsy, but to what degree only time will tell. My mom and dad do a lot of therapy with me to help me function the best I can. And my big brother and sister help out a lot too. So please keep praying for me that everyday I will get better and that my brain will continue to grow. Thanks for your prayers and acts of love!!

Will Michael