#033 Janssen Family - Spirit Lake Aug 2010

Caden lived with grandparents since birth. In February of 2010 his mother was able to get custody of Caden. Three weeks later mother’s boyfriend beat Caden so severely he caused a subdural right frontotemporal hemorrage with hemotoma. There was evidence of prior hemorrhagic events – prior abuse. Caden had multiple skull fractures in the temporal and occipital bones. And a CT scan indicated liver & splenic lacerations. Surgery was performed to relieve pressure on his brain and a shunt was put in to monitor intracraial pressure. Caden was beaten so severely that he lost most of the left half of his brain. He is unable to perform any physical task at this time including swallowing his food. Recently he was able to swallow a small amount of pudding otherwise he has a feeding tube. Caden will require extensive care for the rest of his life, level depends on his ability to recover, Recovery will never be complete and he will likely be in a wheelchair his whole life.