Requesting A Family Nomination Packet

Thank you for your interest in nominating a family for a possible Shayla Bee Donation. As the first step in the process of nominating and possible donation, it is important for you to understand our Mission Statement & By-Laws. Please refer to the enclosed Mission Statement so you understand types of families we are equipped to help. First, we can only accept a nomination from a 3rd Party – you! Our By-Laws state a potential family cannot nominate themselves and a Shayla Bee Board member may not nominate a family. YOU must fill out the form! Nomination forms filled out in part or whole by either parent will be rejected.

As the nominating person you are telling us that you feel the family you are representing is responsible, working-class and the child has an ongoing and catastrophic medical condition. It is important that you are familiar with the family and believe they will not squander the Shayla Bee Donation if approved.

Please read carefully so that you are familiar with our Mission Statement and By-Laws. If you choose to proceed with this nomination, PLEASE fill out the nomination form with as much information as possible. If we don’t have the information we need, your nomination may be delayed or declined because we do not have enough information. We would like to help everyone but simply can’t. We hate receiving nominations that we ultimately must decline, but have a responsibility to our contributors to follow our Mission Statement and By-Laws.

Upon the receipt of your nomination, there are three steps in the process of approving or declining a nomination.

  1. There are 3 people on the Board of Directors. We meet two weeks prior to the second Tuesday of the month to review nominations received. If any one of the three vote yes, the nomination moves on to a Family Interview person. The nomination only stops if all three Board of Directors feel the nomination does not meet our Mission Statement and By-Laws.
  2. We appoint a Family Interview Person to contact the family, this is our first and likely only interaction with the family until we make our final vote.
  3. On the second Tuesday of the month our 12-13 General Board Members meet, the Family Interview Person presents the information we have gathered. The Nomination is then put to a vote with a simple majority vote required to approve the family for a donation.
  4. If declined, we send a written notice, if approved we contact will contact you and the family to arrange a donation time and place.

Thank you for being the eyes and ears for Shayla Bee in your community.

Information of the person nominating the family

Information of family being nominated
Child in medical crisis

Child's Father

Child's Mother