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Helping Responsible, Working Class Families, With a Child In Medical Crisis

The Shayla Bee Fund has been founded to help responsible, working class families, with a child in medical crisis.

What is “responsible?”

Responsibility is a relative term and is determined through family interviews and General Board Member discussion.  Donors, to the Shayla Bee Fund, need to be assured that their monetary donations help reduce the burden of caring for a child with a medical crisis. It is important that we believe our donation will not be spent frivolously nor squandered.

How is “working class” determined?

A working-class parent(s) has routinely held a job.  Being unemployed at the time of the nomination does not necessarily make a parent or family non-working class.  A “means test” for families is not done.  Family income levels are not a consideration for a family’s eligibility.  A clearly wealthy family wouldn’t need or benefit from our donation.

How is a “family” defined?

A single or married person(s) with a child is a family. 

How is “child” defined?

A person age 18 and younger, at the time of nomination, is considered a child.

How is “medical crisis” defined?

This is very difficult to define.  Language such as long-term, ongoing, and catastrophic is used during nomination discussions.  The Shayla Bee Fund’s definition of a medical crisis requires multiple and/or extended professional treatment, hospitalization, professional home care or specialized medical equipment.  A medical crisis does not have to be life threatening or terminal but may be.  The condition does not have to have permanent consequences but could.  A medical condition that would have a tremendous financial impact on a family would most likely be defined as a crisis.

Shayla Bee Fund Board

Shayla Bee Fund Board has 15 members that are a very diverse but also very like-minded group.  Members themselves are responsible, working-class individuals.  Opinions often differ, but as a group the Board reflects an average of very good opinions.  Board Members are very aware of their obligation to the Shayla Bee Fund and its donors.  Every effort is made to treat each family nomination fairly.