Who We Are

Ordinary People Attempting Extraordinary Things

The Shayla Bee Fund is an organization with the following Mission Statement. “To help, responsible, working class families with a child in medical crisis.”

Most of our revenue comes from event based fundraising and voluntary donations. Shayla Bee Fund events are independent both organizationally and financially. We also appreciate the support of other 3rd party events promoted by people or organizations that may have no affiliation with the Shayla Bee Fund other than being supporters. We have developed a 3rd Party Event Protocol that all 3rd party events are bound by, through an application and approval process.

  • Shayla’s Mom Lindsay, is full time Administrator, offering full time advocacy & support to all Shayla Bee Families.
  • In 2018 we served 19 new Shayla Bee Families.
  • Mini Bees. In 2015 we started kids group called Mini Bees. We believe so many are looking for an opportunity to serve, how will it benefit or communities in the coming years when you show a 5-year old they can make a difference?
  • Greatest Needs Program. In 2014 our financial reserves allowed us to start offering additional financial aid to Shayla Bee Families with more on-going medical conditions. We served 30 past Shayla Bee Families in 2017 and 2018 through our Greatest Needs Program.
  • Shayla Bee Angels Program. We provide financial aid to Shayla Bee Families that have experienced the loss of their child, toward funeral related expenses and head stones. In 2017 we expanded the Angels Program to include any family in our 10 county are that experiences the loss of a child. There are now 18 Shayla Bee Angels.
  • Grief Support Group. In 2018 Lindsay and a committee are kicking off a Grief Support Group for Families that have lost a child.
  • In 2018 alone, Shayla Bee Supporters logged in excess of 12,000 volunteer hours!

A primary goal of the Shayla Bee Fund has been to spend at least 80% of every dollar donated directly on financial aid & services. As of February 2019, we have distributed over $700,000.00 to 192 Shayla Bee Families.

We have a record of doing exactly what we have said we would do, per our Mission Statement and By-Laws. Our General Board and group of supporters want nothing other than to help kids and families in our area that we may not even know.

To date we have been able to keep our overhead to less than 12% of funds raised since April of 2007.