Who We Are

Ordinary People Attempting Extraordinary Things

The Shayla Bee Fund is an organization with the following Mission Statement. “To help, responsible, working class families with a child in medical crisis.”

All bee-cause of YOU! Since 2022 Financial aid to SB Families increased by 130%!!

  • Records of 2022:

    • We were honored to serve 29 new Shayla Bee Families in 2022. And have served 253 total families since April of 2007.

    •  21 of  our 2022 SB Families were served via Greater Needs.

    • 21 SB Families were served under the Greatest Needs program.

    • Shayla Bee Supporters logged in excess of 12,000 volunteer hours! 

  • Process:

    • Most of our revenue comes from:

      • Event based fundraising

      • Voluntary donations

      • 3rd party events

    • Providing financial aid and support to families, via our initial donation. 

    • In 2021 we implemented the Greater Needs Program, providing a second round of Board approved aid @ 60 days.

    • Greatest Needs Program. In 2014 our financial reserves allowed us to start offering additional financial aid to Shayla Bee Families with more on-going medical conditions. 

    • Shayla Bee Angels Program,  In 2016 we began to provide funeral & headstone related financial aid to Families in our area that have experienced the loss of their child. Sadly there are now 31 Shayla Bee Angels.

    • SB offers full time advocacy & support to Shayla Bee Families in sometimes their darkest hour.

  • Programs:

    • Mini Bees. In 2015 we started a kids group called Mini Bees. We believe so many are looking for an opportunity to serve, how will it benefit our communities in the coming years when you show a 5-year old they can make a difference?

A primary goal of the Shayla Bee Fund has been to spend at least 80% of every dollar donated directly on financial aid & services. As of July 2023, we have distributed over $1,300,000.00 to 253  Shayla Bee Families.  To date we have been able to keep our overhead to less than 14.6% of funds raised since April of 2007. 

We have a record of doing exactly what we have said we would do, per our Mission Statement and By-Laws. Our General Board and group of supporters want nothing other than to help kids and families in our area.