#064 Fairbanks Family - Algona - February 2013

On February 12th the Shayla Bee Board voted to make a donation to our 64th Shayla Bee Family, Tom & Amanda Fairbanks from Algona. Their son Ethan has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and has had a leg amputated. He has a small tumor on his other hip and cancer has spread to his lungs so they are dealing with several complications. We traveled to Algona Sunday February 17th to make our donation. 7 Bikes and 7 or 8 car loads of people came together on a 40 degree day to show their support for the Fairbanks Family. Here you see Aaron & Rebecca Lewis, our 12th Shayla Bee Family, they nominated Tom, Amanda and Ethan Fairbanks. Tom is holding Bella & Amanda is bottom right.

Fairbanks Family